Sweet stoned is born when Rick and Morty met each other.
The first is a pastry enthusiast who has earned a Pastry Chef Diploma. The second is a fan of cannabis for its recreational and medicinal properties, as well as digital marketing.
It was an epiphany for both of them when they discovered cannabis-infused edibles. Why not combine French pastry skills with edibles? Cannabis and edibles are new to Canada and will change dramatically in the coming years.
This is why we decided to board the train and shape the market’s future with our vision of excellence.


The incredible thing about edible is that the only limit to what you can do is your imagination. All of the foods we know can be infused with Cannabis, and you can already find some innovative products in our stores, such as THC & CBD Macarons and Cannasugar. Those two products are the epitome of what edibles can accomplish.
We want our products to be one-of-a-kind and to reflect our commitment to excellence by using the best ingredients available in Canada. This is why we will continue to develop new products over time in order to disrupt the edible industry!
Our goal is to provide everyone who wants to try Edibles with a delicious experience at a reasonable price.
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