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Cannabis Infused Gummies

Bliss Edibles | Bliss Gummies

Bliss Cannabis Infused Gummies is a Vancouver, B.C. based edibles company. The brand specializes in creating cannabis infused, fruit flavored gummy squares. All their products are made with high quality, top grade cannabis. Grown right here in British Columbia, along with natural fruit juices and organic cane sugar. The airtight tin resealable tin makes sure that your candies stay fresh. And so, protects them from being squished when you’re carrying them around.
bliss edibles

Great for Recreational and Medicinal Use

Bliss is the perfect gummy edible for both recreational and medicinal users. Recreational users love Bliss for the smooth and mellow high it offers. While medicinal users love the precise and reliable dosage from each piece. These gummies are great for easing pain, anxiety and stress, while putting the user in a happy and euphoric state of mind.

Fruit Flavoured, Sugar Coated, Weed Infused Gummies

Choose a Variety of Flavours in 10 or 15 Pieces

These delicious gummies come in two sizes – 10 pieces and 15 piece. The 10 piece has a total THC of 250mg, while the 15 piece has a total THC of 375mg. BC Bud Supply carries all eight of Bliss’s original fruit flavours. Take a look at what we offer below.
Dosage: For those new to edibles, we recommend you take half a gummy and wait 45 minutes for the effects to kick in before considering taking another dose.
Storage: For maximum freshness and longevity, store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.