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Fat Boy’s Fruity Flavoured Weed Gummies

Fat Boy makes some delicious cannabis gummies that come in a variety of delicious, fun and fruity flavours. Based in Vancouver, BC, Fat Boy’s edibles are made with some of the high quality cannabis British Columbia has to offer. These soft candies provide a calm, relaxing and euphoric, full body experience. Fat Boy gummies are packaged in an air tight, resealable mylar bag, which is convenient to carry around and guarantees freshness. Choose from a variety of tasty flavours, and enjoy the candy during the day or night, for recreational or medicinal use.

Directions: For beginners taking half a dosage is recommended, which equates to 25mg of THC. Allow 45-90 minutes for effects to kick in before taking more.

Storage: For maximum freshness and to retain potency, store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

fat boy cannabis infused gummies

Build Your Own Fat Boy Mix & Match Bundle and Save!

Save on your purchase when you buy multiple packs of Fat Boy edibles at one time with our Fat Boy Mix & Match deals. Create your own bundle and choose from a variety of delicious fruity flavours. You can pick the same flavour more than once.

Creating a truly Canadian Cannabis brand, Fat Boy Edibles is based in the heart of Toronto, Ontario, and alongside the west coast of Vancouver, British Columbia. Bringing premium potent pieces of delight to our Canadian Canna Community, we are proud and active promoters of mindful cannabis use for a well-rounded lifestyle. Through our simple yet impactful cannabis snacks, we aim to tie creative communities together and get wavy with us.

Fat Boy Edibles are largely scrumptious treats aimed to bring a heavy-duty high. Dosages are potent and carefully measured to satisfy your sweet cravings and THC needs. Cannabis made convenient and reliable. With a weighty focus on premium THC, these gummies enhance appetite and overall mood, help soothe aches and pains.

  • A pack contains 300mg of THC
  • 6 Cannabis Gummies | 50mg a piece